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Yes, Apple leaks already existed in 1988 (!), As this video proves

Ah, 1988. 29 years ago, the world was a little different place: Steve Jobs, kicked out of Apple, had just introduced his NeXT's first computer, with a fabulous 8MB of RAM. The internet was just a long-standing idea for mere mortals. Donald Trump was still just a crazy billionaire, instead of a crazy billionaire with the ability to destroy the world in seconds. The one who writes to you existed only in half, in the ovary of the lady my mother. O MacMagazine it would still take almost two decades to emerge.

Some things, however, are almost exactly the same in 2017 as they were in 1988 and one of them, to the surprise of many, is the leakage of Apple products. Proof of this is this excerpt, dated February of that year, from a local newspaper on the KGO TV network in San Francisco, published yesterday by the Fast Company Harry McCracken:

In the video, the news anchors quickly interview David Bunnell, a technology specialist who, at the time, ran the magazine Macintosh Today. The publication had just obtained an internal 160-page document from Apple describing the project that was to become the Macintosh Portable, Ma's first laptop computer was introduced only in September 1988, more than a semester after the puncture (and a complete sales failure, by the way).

It is interesting to note that, unlike today, when we dissect all the technical details of the leaks to predict the products to be launched as soon as possible, the interview about the document obtained in 1988 focused much more on the causes and consequences leakage to Apple than in the details of the product itself. At one point in the conversation, anchor Pete Wilson even raised the possibility that the bore was intentional, as part of an Apple promotional campaign, my colleague Daniel, after all, is not alone.

In the end, the coolest thing to realize is that, long before MacMagazine, 9to5Mac, MacRumors, AppleInsider and company, the powerful machine of rumors was already rolling in full force around Cupertino. And this, my friends, shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

via Patently Apple