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Workouts ++ app lets you monitor and customize your Apple Watch activity sessions almost infinitely

If you think the Apple Watch Activity app is too limited for your athletic aspirations, Workouts ++ it may be a suggestion beyond interesting. The app for iOS and watchOS by developer David Smith brings almost infinite resources and possibilities when it comes to tracking and personalizing the whirlpool activity log, allowing for much more precise control of your especially aerobic exercises.

Workouts ++ app icon

On the iPhone, the application features three tabs; the main one, "Workouts", brings a complete list of all the exercises performed by the user in chronological order and separated by colors according to the type of activity. The overview of the list gives basic information such as time spent exercising, estimated calories expended and distance covered in the case of aerobic activities. Playing in a specific session, the app shows detailed statistics, including average heart rate, performance graphs / heart rate / speed and more.

On the flap "Stats" statistics appear related to the totality of your exercise history; the application informs, for example, what type of activity is most performed by the user, the most common days of the week and times of day for their exercises and some total numbers of performance, with distance traveled, calories expended and other measures.

Finally, the tab "Configure" allows you to customize exercise types according to the taste of the fregus (in this case, you). There are six main types of activity (running, walking, cycling, rowing, elliptical and stepper), in addition to an ?other? category. Within each one it is possible to configure special interfaces with the desired measurements (up to six different ones) to be displayed during the session, as well as alerts by colors and vibrations for when any configured goal is reached.

On Apple Watch, things are simpler, but still leave something to be desired. To start an exercise session, just touch it on the home screen and the pre-configured interface will immediately appear on the screen; to end it, just slide the screen to the right and select ?End Workout? or, better yet, rotate the Digital Crown of the watch (very useful for those who, like me, tend to sweat on their hands when they exercise). The application then presents basic statistics of the recently completed exercise.

Although not the most beautiful of the applications, Workouts ++ can be an interesting option for those who want more control when it comes to doing their physical exercises. It is available on the App Store for $ 4. If you are from the healthy class (or are planning to join it, who knows, as a New Year's resolution), it's worth checking out!

(via MacStories)