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Watch: Tim Cook makes a surprise appearance in a commercial for the university he graduated from

Tim Cook, although with a significantly more expansive personality than that of his predecessor, Steve Jobs, he is not exactly the type of guy you would call ?party rice?: his public appearances are limited to Apple events and conferences, one or the other charity events, and occasional interviews (ah, and millionaire camps). That is why it is surprising and even funny to see the CEO of Ma appear, without any prior notice and indeed, in an advertising piece. And guess what, not even from Apple!

The executive agreed to participate in the most recent campaign of Auburn University, public institution in Alabama where he graduated. The film shows Cook and other distinguished alumni from the university making the typical gesture of encouragement from the Auburn Tigers, the institution's football team.

As it could not be otherwise, Cook took the opportunity to make a discreet, but visible advertisement for two Apple products, the iPad and FaceTime. See, right in the first seconds:

In addition to the short commercial, Cook also participated this time, as the protagonist of a longer promotional film for his Alma Mater. In this, the CEO of Apple talks about the importance of his education at Auburn as part of his development process as a professional and as a human being; in the meantime, images of the most recent visit by the university executive are shown, when he participated in a round table on diversity with students.

Check it out below:

What a nice guy, right?

via iClarified