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Video: Let's go for another flyover of Apple Park!

Just a month ago, Matthew Roberts published his last aerial video of the Apple Park and talked a little bit with the MacMagazine on the alleged ban on drones in the region. Then we did the same with Duncan Sinfield.

Today, Roberts released another quick video showing the current state of the works. Landscaping continues to advance a lot, but there is clearly still a lot of work to be done.

I really wonder if Apple would perform or not the launch keynote for the new iPhones, in a few weeks, at the Steve Jobs Theater. We don't know how the auditorium is on the inside, but my guess is that it might already be ready. The problem is the external look, but I think the occasion would be very suitable to open it.

Last week, we also checked out internal pictures of the Apple Park that construction workers posted on Snapchat. ?