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This iOS app helps your little ones learn up to 6 (!) Languages

If used in the right measure, technology can be a great learning tool for both adults and children. An example of this is the Webcore Games app, The Name of Things (The Name of Things), which has already been featured on the App Store and Editor's Choice on Google Play.

The Name of Things app icon

With this app, children aged 2 to 5 years learn to six languages (Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, French and German) in an easy and fun way. There are three ways to learn: Flashcards (image, audio and writing), Drag the letter (audio of each letter and word assembly) and Memory (the classic memory game with images and audio).

The application is very organized, so that any child can easily navigate through it without the need for an ?extra little help? from the parents once they teach the child, they can even switch languages ??on their own! The little ones can learn not only new words in their language (Portuguese, in our case), but they can also learn other languages. The appearance of the app is also quite pleasant; everything looks like it was painted with gouache, which makes everything soft and comfortable for children.

For now, there are five categories of vocabulary to learn: objects, animals, means of transport, fruits and vegetables, and clothing; the sixth category to put all five together at random. Free of charge, only the ?objects? category is available, with 30 words for all six languages. In addition, for a limited time, the Christmas vocabulary is available for free!

Ah! And it's not because an app is made with kids in mind that adults can't learn, is it? The Name of Things can also help you in the beginning of your learning, as it is really quite intuitive. It is available for free to download from the App Store and Google Play, but it is possible to purchase the vocabulary packs separately ($ 1 each) or all together ($ 3).

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