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Super Mario Run was downloaded 40 million times in 4 days; Nintendo will no longer add content to the game

Later this week, many data analysis sites speculated on the possible (big) numbers in the game Super Mario Run. Now, Nintendo itself has revealed it, celebrating the achievement.

According to the official statement, the game was downloaded 40 million times just us first four days of life. With a speech by Phil Schiller (senior vice president of worldwide marketing for Apple) congratulating the record achieved, the note reveals that the game managed to reach the top of the list of most downloaded free apps in 140 of the 150 countries where it was made available. In addition, he also appeared at the top of the most profitable in 100 countries (currently, in Brazil, he is in 4).

These numbers certainly show the power of a free application to download and with internal purchases. The price to unlock all the salty content: US $ 10 (~ R $ 35) to access all six worlds (21 more stages). For this reason, many worried about paying this amount and, afterwards, Nintendo released even more content to be purchased and the, everyone would need to spend more money. However, a spokesman for the company categorically stated that they do not plan to release additional content (either free or paid).

The news can have two possible interpretations of the fans. On the one hand, it can beat a sadness to know that we will not see more content than we can already access, that is, "This is it, guys". On the other hand, those who like, already bought and did not want to pay anything more than the amount already disbursed, are comforted.

Or nothing will be added * to this * game, but there in the future Nintendo will decide to launch a "Super Mario Run 2", a "Mario & Luigi Run", among other dozens of possibilities after this resounding success, stopped that they should not (or shouldn't) stay.

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(via TechCrunch, 9to5Mac)