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Rumor: Apple will launch 8GB iPhone 4 alongside iPhone 5

And the rumors don't stop! Yesterday there was more evidence that the iPhone 5 will be a hybrid smartphone GSM / CDMA. Today, the rumor about the current generation which, according to Reuters, continue to be sold with the next generation, however, in an 8GB version (not available at the moment).

White iPhone 4 seen from the front and from the side

According to one of the sources of the news agency, the NAND flash memory for the iPhone 4 of 8GB will be manufactured by a Korean company currently the suppliers of Apple are the Japanese Toshiba and the South Korean Samsung.

Also according to ReutersIn addition to news of a ?low-cost? iPhone 4, Apple would launch the iPhone 5 at the end of September (a rumor that we already know by heart and jump, but which contradicts others who bet in early October). The new generation would be very similar to the current iPhone 4, with the differentials being a larger screen, an 8 megapixel camera and an improved antenna.

The news comes at an interesting moment: due to the simultaneous development, many parts that we are seeing popping up on the web that are supposed to be the iPhone 5, may actually be the ?low cost? iPhone 4. An example of this could be the rear camera that we discussed yesterday. It would be 5MP, not 8MP, as rumors of the next generation of Apple's smartphone account.

The strategy would be repeated by Apple, which did the same thing when it introduced the iPhone 4 and downgraded the iPhone 3GS to an entry-level model. It remains to be seen how much the 8GB iPhone 4 would cost, with the introduction of the new generation. Depending on the price, it will be a great option for those who are not willing to invest a high price on a smartphone, but who are still looking for a quality device.

After this news I think that the rumors of a possible survival of the iPhone 3GS no longer make sense. It is a great device, but I don?t think it has the time to continue being Apple?s entry model. If she does, it will be the first time that she sells two devices with the same capacity (both with 8GB for storage).

In addition, with the iPhone 4 taking this place, Apple can guarantee the smooth functioning of iOS 5 in all its line, not to mention that the entry model would now have a Retina Display. Now, releasing an 8GB iPhone 4, will we see a 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5 or will we continue with the current 16GB and 32GB?

(via MacRumors)