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Promotion: iPhone SE 16GB for R $ 1,299.00!

Since when did Apple remove the 16GB and 64GB models of iPhones SE replacing them respectively with the current 32GB and 128GB we see some promotions here and there to end the stocks of the remaining units once and for all. Last month, for example, we saw 16GB iPhones SE going for R $ 1,499.00 per view.

Today the Fast shop decided to further lower the price of the device in its Dawn Offer!

IPhone SE family

Until 6 am tomorrow (8/18), the 16GB iPhone SE is leaving for R $ 1,299.00 View. All four colors of the smartphone are available (space gray, silver, gold and rose gold). According to them, it is only the last pieces if you are in doubt, it is good to decide soon. ?