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New Pastebot, by Tapbots, officially arrives on the Mac App Store [atualizado]

In public beta since the beginning of September, the new Pastebot from the famous developer Tapbots has just been officially launched on the Mac App Store.

Pastebot app icon

It is a powerful clipboard manager for Mac, with complete history for later access, filters, quick glue menu, iCloud synchronization, custom areas, compatibility with macOS Sierra / iOS 10 Universal Transfer area, support to full screen mode, various options, blacklist, built-in search and keyboard shortcuts.

Anyway, even a large Swiss army knife for what is proposed so much that it does not cost anything cheap. In spite of everything, a counterpart of it is needed on iOS and anyone who visits the Tapbots website realizes that there is, in fact, a ?hole? there in their list of apps (both Tweetbot and Calcbot are on both macOS and iOS, j). I don't doubt it's just a matter of time

(via MacRumors)

Update · 12/15/2016 s 22:16

After great pressure from users, Tapbots decided to halve Pastebot's official price to $ 10. At least for now.