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New feature of the Google Drive app for iOS makes life easier for users who want to migrate to Android

Move to iOS was launched by Apple in September 2015 to make life easier for users who want to migrate from Android to iOS it was even Ma's first application developed for the competing platform. ?

Today, more than a year later, Google did something similar, as reported by the Phandroid. We are not talking about an application ground, dedicated to the task (migration), but of an update in the Google Drive for iOS that helps in the backup of information.

Google Drive app icon - storage

When you open the app and go to Backup Settings, there are three options: Contacts, Calendar events, and Photos and videos and they do exactly what you imagine. In the first option, you save the contacts you have stored on your device or in iCloud, in the equivalent Google service; in the second option, events stored on the device or iCloud are copied and placed on Google Calendar; in the third option, your photos and videos will be copied to Google Photos.

Information backup option in Google Drive for iOS

Of course, this is not enough for you to abandon your iPhone and go out using your new Android (using Google Drive it is not possible to migrate information such as text messages, music, among other things), but this backup / data migration certainly helps. When you log in with your Google account on Android, this content will be automatically synced to the new device.


Google also put on the air a page entitled ?Switch to Android?, which brings all the information needed for you to migrate (how to set up your email, how to disable iMessage, app tips, etc.), also highlighting the for Google's mobile platform.

(via Cult of Mac)