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New Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones feature renewed noise cancellation system and W1 chip

THE Beats took advantage (strangely) of the American Labor Day holiday to present the latest addition to its line of famous headphones and audio equipment: the Studio3 Wireless the newest iteration of traditional headphones over-the-ear (ie, that cover the ears) that have been offered by the company for years and, this time, they bring some very interesting news up their sleeve.

The most important of them is also the most predictable: the model now has the W1 chip, from Apple the same that equips AirPods and BeatsX. The microprocessor, as is well known, makes the process of connecting the headphones with a Mac or iGadget just bring the connected accessory closer to your device and the connection window will immediately jump on the screen and still show the Beats battery level in the system, making life easier for users.

Another novelty is a new active noise cancellation system totally renewed: now, the technology has the ability to automatically adjust the cancellation level according to the external sounds that are captured perpetually by the microphones; with this, the effectiveness of the expanded resource to Beats states that the technology is more advanced than that of Bose, which traditionally is the untouchable champion of the item and the battery preserved for longer.

Speaking of battery, incidentally, Studio3 Wireless brings an impressive capacity of 40 hours away from the plug (or 22 hours, if noise canceling is on). When the power is out, you can charge the phone using a Micro-USB cable (no, still no Lightning or even USB-C) or continue listening using an auxiliary cable. And, since we are talking about wires, it is good to note that the wired version of Studio2 has apparently not been updated, Beats is discontinuing all of its ?non-wireless? products.

The Studio3 Wireless will be sold in six colors: blue, white, red, matte black, Shadow Gray and Porcelain Rose. It costs the same as the previous version R $ 2,100 or, in the United States, US $ 350 and, in its country of origin, it will start shipping in mid-October, with pre-sales already available to those interested. We still don't know your arrival date here, although it shouldn't be long.