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MV88 + microphone: discover Shure's latest bet for content creators

MV88 + one of Shure's bets for content creators. Microphone brings kit for creating audio and video; know her

THE Shure, one of the largest companies specializing in professional microphone, conducted a workshop with the press to present the features and functionality of its latest product, the MV88 +. The microphone was developed to meet mainly the needs of content creators, journalists, musicians and other creative professionals.

A great differential of the Shure MV88 + that it comes as a complete kit and not just a microphone. Therefore, the consumer will also receive a bag, small trip, cables USB-C (Android) and Lightning (Apple / iOS), support for smartphones and wind protection (foam). Check below all the details of the product and what it can deliver.

Shure MV88 +: the microphone for content creators

Shure MV88 + equipmentShure's new product comes in a kit with several accessories

O MV88 + stands out for its versatility and compactness. Its set allows you to make recordings in different environments and without much equipment for that. The device can be fully connected to the smartphone and provides useful inputs, such as USB and audio output for headphones, allowing the feedback of what is captured to be returned.

According to the company, the MV88 + writes in 24 bits. It has a polar and bidirectional pattern, that is, being able to capture through the sides of the capsule. In addition, as it is cardioid, it mainly absorbs the audio that comes from the front and a little from the sides. O MV88 + also a condenser microphone, which captures nuances smoothly.

Among its features, the device has stereo capture and five modes DSP (Digital Signal Processor) already predefined. They are: speech (for voice capture, loco, podcast), singing (for solo or group vocals), plan (for any recording situation), loud (for loud sources, such as bands) and instrument musical (ideal for music equipment).

When connected to your cell phone, the MV88 + you can charge your smartphone. However, this option is only available for iPhone users and still requires the use of USB-A cable and Apple USB3 camera adapter.

The kit also includes a small trip from Manfrotto (PIXI), which assists in making audio and video recordings alone, and, mainly, in video transmission on social networks. Bracket and cables were also included in the kit. THE Shure explains that this support is compatible with any trip that has a connector.

ShurePlus apps

Demonstration of footage with the microphoneThe enhanced experience when a person uses Shure apps

To reinforce the convenience of the product, Shure is making two applications available that can help the user for specific video and audio jobs. O ShurePlus MOTIV (available free for Android and iOS) can be used for sound recordings. In it, the user is able to edit productions with the cut and split options. It is also possible to save in ALAC, AAC 96, 128 and 256 formats, and share via email or Google Drive.

J o ShurePlus MOTIV Video (available free for Android and iOS) was designed for those who use the kit MV88 + in video production. With it, it is possible to find predefined modes, select different options of bit depth, among others.

Shure video editing applicationShure video editing application

The apps make the product even more customizable with essential settings for audio gain, mixing and changing the capture angle. During recordings you can, for example, adjust the width of the stereo, leaving it personalized to have a satisfactory result in each type of recording.

Other settings with applications

The recording mode can be set directly in the application by selecting one of four options: Stereo, Mono Cardioid (as if there was a bubble around the microphone), Mono Bidirectional (microphone sides) or Raw Mid-Side (bidirectional and cardiide together)

With these settings and the MV88 + Pointed in the right direction, you will have audio quality, clearly and without noise. Speaking of external noise, the noise can be controlled in the application, which works by cutting winds and other noise interference. THE Shure it also recommends the use of foam, included in the kit, so that you have good results.

Landscape being filmed with Shure's microphoneMicrophone has several recording modes

Using the Advanced Features menu, it is possible to make some fine adjustments to what was captured. For example, with the Limiter, you regulate the audio in order to avoid distortions, in Equalizer, it is possible to make the sound more clear thanks to the frequency settings. Use the Compressor for dynamic recording, as the device will flatten the audio, limiting excess sound.

Points of attention

The experience with Shure MV88 + may be more favorable for iPhone users, given that the product is certified Apple MFi, which in addition to allowing connection to any iOS device, manages to charge your iPhone. Still, this does not mean that system users Android you will not benefit from the microphone's features.

Tests from international websites have shown that in order for you to play a recorded audio or video, you will have to disconnect the microphone, as the cell phone understands that you are connected with the headset.

Price and availability

In Brazil, the MV88 + j can be found on the official website of Shure, but the device is not yet available for purchase. On the Apple, interested parties can purchase the kit, but prepare the pocket, as the company is selling the product for R $ 2,199.00 (only for iOS).

Technical sheet

SpecificationsShure MV88 +
ModelCondenser, bidirectional and cardioid
Recording 24 bits / 48 kHz .wav (uncompressed)
Response frequency 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz
Predefined DSP modesSpeechCantoFlatAcoustic InstrumentHigh
Sensitivity-37 dBFS / Pa at 1 kHz
ColorsBlack and silver
Warranty2 years
PriceR $ 2,199.00 (iOS only).