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Minecraft bypasses censorship with virtual library of banned books and articles

In addition to being pertinent and creative, the idea was also materialized in a structure that is visually impressive. The building resembles a neo-classical museum and is organized by regional wings. It is important to underline that the players who visit it, can add contents themselves, but they cannot dismantle any of the works stored there.

Borderless reporters believe that the Uncensored Library will not be accessible for long. While it is easy to host it on another server, if the current one is blocked locally, censorship policies have proven to be quick enough to get you anywhere. If necessary, Minecraft can also be banned.

Note, however, that this project itself is a valuable idea. To leave a mark, it does not need to be accessed or used by anyone, although that is the intended scenario. The Uncensored Library is a commentary on censorship and a way to involve people in a topic that would otherwise not be a topic of conversation so easily.