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ISCTE will have a new integrated management system to streamline the work of teachers and administrators

Altogether there are 10,000 students at ISCTE – Instituto Universitrio de Lisboa who study different scientific areas, including social and human sciences and management. In order to streamline the administrative work of this institution, the university decided to invest in a new integrated management system (ERP).

In addition to the university students, ISCTE also has about 305 teachers, 390 researchers and 270 non-teaching staff. It was also thinking about them, and with the aim of improving administrative work, including the teleworking regime and providing indicators and reports in a timely manner, that the institute bets on this investment. In addition, the intention is to "free teachers for their main task, which is teaching and researching", can be read in the statement.

The decision comes after the new management team, led by the dean Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues, launched a public tender in 2019, for the acquisition of a new ERP and, above all, specialized services. Quidgest, a company specialized in public management software, was the chosen company, with its SINGAP Web product.

It is a complex solution for financial management, logistics management, human resources, projects, contracts, sales and services, with the production of reports in each area. The system also involves the creation of interfaces with other applications, namely with its application of academic management. In this way, it will replace the old SAP solution on-premises.

The contract recently signed for the implementation of this system in five phases lasts for three years. However, the first stage, referring to phases one to four, should be completed by mid 2020, guarantees the ISCTE.