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Is your MacBook battery showing an alert? Be careful: she can make an inflatable boat!

If you have an old MacBook, from the time when the batteries were removable, it is better to keep an eye on this story: it is well known that, after a while, the batteries of these machines swell to the point of deforming the case, even if they are used rationally and are over 80% health. However, a much more brutal thing can happen when the alert "Service Battery" appears in place of the menu bar charge indicator.

MethodShop folks came across such an alert on a 17-inch MacBook Pro and wisely removed the battery on Thursday. Behold, after the weekend, she looked like this:

Bloated MacBook Pro battery -

Ready to go down the rapids, only the paddle is missing! More photos on Flickr.

Scary, huh? At least it didn't! Let it serve as a lesson: if an alert comes up, stop using the battery immediately and put it in a safe place until you can take it to an Apple Retail Store (where, depending on the alignment of the stars and the mood of Genius, you can receive a new one on the spot) or dispose of it properly. Over the phone, you will receive at most one "Batteries are just like tires" and will send you to buy another one (although there are reports of VERY insistent people who managed to get a replacement like this).

And speaking of proper disposal, do you remember that Oxil is Apple's partner in recycling Macs and iPods here in Brazil? Well, do not expect to be able to dispose of an old battery with their help, as they only accept the entire machine. (Do not ask me why.) It is advisable to warn that if you want to recycle your entire device instead of throwing it away (because it has stopped working completely and it is not worth a repair), do not waste time sending a email to, call us directly at 0800-772-3126. It may sound surreal, but in that number they answer and are very attentive; already in the email, I sent a message more than a month ago. Never. They answered. #FikDik

P.S .: The time is coming when the first MacBooks unibody with sealed batteries they can start to swell, stay tuned, because if this happens you will not be able to simply remove them! Hopefully Apple has learned its lesson and these new batteries age more smoothly.

P.S.2: Did you know that Banco Real has a sustainability program called Papa-Pilhas? Unlike Oxil, they take care of the proper disposal of batteries without having to take your Mac along.

(via Cult of Mac)