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IPhone 5 launch is expected to raise memory prices; A6 chip will only be manufactured on a large scale in 2012 [atualizado]

Solid state memory, NAND flash

According to a report published by the DigiTimes, the variation in memory prices would be indicating the arrival of the iPhone 5 in September, an event in which the value of NAND flash could trigger and oxygenate the industry. The prices practiced at the moment would be stable because manufacturers have been increasing their inventories waiting for a surge.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan Economic News account that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) started producing the first experimental batches of the A6 processor. The schedule indicates that large-scale production should start only in 2012, with the introduction of the iPad 3 probably on the market during the second quarter.

If this rumor is hot, two things would be confirmed: 1. we will not see a new iPad being introduced later this year, and 2. Samsung may have even lost its place in the heart of Apple.

(via AppleInsider: 1, 2)

Updated by Rafael Fischmann

And the Japanese blog MAC now says that an ?iPhone 4S? and a new iPad will start being produced in September, reaching the market in October. Who's right?