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Iomega launches new external hard drive for Macs with USB port for recharging iGadgets

Iomega today announced the launch of a curious product: its new Mac Companion drive not only complements Apple's current computer design very well, as it also offers a USB port for charging iPads, iPhones or iPods.

Iomega - Mac Companion

On the front of the drive, there are four white LEDs that indicate how much internal space has already been used by the person. At the rear, it has an additional FireWire port for connecting chain devices (daisy-chaining).

Iomega - Mac Companion

The drive itself connects to the Mac via FireWire 400/800 or USB 2.0, featuring 7,200RPM HDDs with capacities of 2TB ($ 195) and 3TB ($ 295). It has a three-year warranty.

(via SlashGear)