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Intel executives are aware of rumors about MacBooks with Apple's own processors

Information can, and does well, the executive who seeks to know what is going on in his area of ??activity. Proving he did his homework right, Greg Welch, director of Intel's Ultrabook division, said in an interview CNET News that is, yes, aware of the rumors about MacBooks powered by A # processors, manufactured by Apple itself.

"We heard the same rumors and it would be negligence for us to ignore it," he said. "We will try to innovate so that (Apple) continues to look for us as a supplier."

Apple A5 processor

You don't even have to have much imagination to know that there is, for sure, a MacBook Air equipped with an A5 (or A6, 7, 8) processor circulating through Infinite Loop and running a special version of OS X Lion as soon as Apple works, testing today the products she may come out in a few years. Proof of this was the ?double life? of Mac OS X on PowerPC and Intel processors for years and the mere existence of a MacBook Pro with 3G antenna.

Now, for us, Welch scored 10 with this statement: not only was he humble and acknowledged that Intel needs to fight to maintain its current position, it will not be a bit burned if Apple releases a MacBook with A # chip, like , until the end of the year. If it were the ?n1 +? of the tablet market responding to something like that, it would certainly say something like ?Never, Apple Never will abandon our processors, because they are perfect! ?

(via AppleInsider)