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In another round evaluating tablet screens, DisplayMate chooses Galaxy Tab 10.1 as the best

In an evaluation made last month with the tablets available on the market, DisplayMate was unable to find rivals for the iPad 2: the Apple gadget had an absolutely supreme, unbeatable display. Today, however, the story has changed a bit: in new tests, this time including several other tablets, the iPad has finally found a rival at that time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Of all the Android devices tested, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 was the one with the best screen, even being considered superior to the iPad in several points. The only serious questions that the tablet Sammy left to be desired were the color saturation, too high and without controls to reduce (this could, however, be easily corrected with a software update) and the energy efficiency of the hardware.

However, in general, tablets with the Google operating system showed several disadvantages, one of which is the lower image area, yes, although they are sold as "larger", they have a useful surface 5% smaller than that of the iPad, because the 16:10 aspect ratio and the Android status bar, which eats 48 pixels vertically.

In the rest of the ranking, the ASUS Transformer tablet was considered the third best (not bad, for the cheapest of all), followed by Acer Iconia. Finally, the most expensive gadget: the Motorola XOOM, which could well be called PHILMOTO, after that.

(via AllThingsD)