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In an interview, Tim Cook talks about “moral responsibility” to help the American economy

As we've been following for a while, we know that Tim Cook a CEO really concerned and engaged with social issues. In an interview with the New York Times, Cook talked about Apple's investments in the United States and went through education and environmental issues.

Specifically dealing with the relationship between politics and companies, the CEO of Ma said that the government has become ?less functional? a long time ago and is not at the speed it was previously, which ends up affecting business and also the whole society.

This means that companies have to increasingly contribute to a better society, and what Apple has tried to do through initiatives such as taking Swift to more than 30 community colleges in the country.

I think we have a moral responsibility to help grow the economy, help increase job vacancies, contribute to this country and to the other countries where we do business. I think there is still a significant group that thinks that it is my only responsibility to Wall Street.

He also recalled the efforts that the company has initiated to increase the racial, gender and geographical diversity of the people who are learning to program, since, according to him, "the benefits of technology are very unbalanced in relation to certain states". For this reason, the initiative to take Swift was directed to community colleges, because where there is the greatest diversity among students of Computer Science.

In addition to this aspect, Cook also spoke about Apple's environmental initiatives, citing the new data center from Iowa, which will run 100% on renewable energy just like all the company's other units in the US and in 23 other countries that follow the same path.

Cook's full interview can be read in its entirety on this page.

via 9to5Mac