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IHS iSuppli: sales of components for the manufacture of gadgets again exceed those for PCs

According to estimates drawn up by IHS iSuppli, the market for components for gadgets and communication devices in general will be superior to that of traditional computers and servers in 2011. Manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, routers and the like should invest US $ 55.4 billion in the purchase of semiconductors this year, while acquisitions to produce PCs are not expected to exceed $ 53.1 billion.

Component spending on PCs and gadgets - IHS iSuppli

This difference would have been accentuated by the marked success of smartphones and tablets (read ?iPhones and iPads?), a trend directly influenced by the success of Apple. "With the slowdown in PC sales growth, the balance of forces in the semiconductor industry is tipping to the wireless segment," said Wenlie Ye, semiconductor design and investment analyst at IHS.

Since 2010 the largest buyer of semiconductors in the world, Apple is expected to ratify this position in 2011, even ahead of Hewlett-Packard (HP), until then the undisputed leader.

(via AppleInsider)