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Hurricane Harvey: Texan teenager with health problem saves himself and his family with help from Siri

From time to time, we tell stories here that could turn into real tragedies, but thanks to a little girl from Apple's digital assistant, they ended up having a happy ending or not as sad as it could, at least. Yes, we will continue to criticize the Crab and Apple's inability to develop its assistant to make it more useful; nevertheless, we will stop sharing these cases so that we remember that yes, it and other digital assistants can save lives when used well.

The story of the time comes directly from the American State of Texas, which, as we have unfortunately seen with terrifying images in recent weeks, was hit by one of the strongest hurricanes in the USA in recent years. O Harvey so far, it has caused 66 confirmed deaths and displaced more than 30,000 people, Apple has already raised a good amount to donate to those affected, as we speak here.

In the midst of all this tragedy, we have Tyler Frank, a 14 year old teenager with sickle cell anemia, a disease that deforms red blood cells and causes blood circulation throughout the body to be severely affected in times of crisis, causing excruciating pain and other terrible effects. Crises related to the problem occur in moments of shock or after exposure to the cold are just two things Tyler was subjected to when his house was invaded by water in the morning of August 27th.

Tyler Frank, teenager affected by Furaco HarveyTyler Frank

The teenager was then carried by her older brother to the roof of the house. His other two brothers and his mother also managed to climb before the water invaded all rooms; however, they were trapped on the roof while torrential rains washed over their surroundings and Tyler suffered from a terrible crisis. The girl herself took the initiative to call 911, the United States emergency number, but, as expected, all lines were busy; she even posted distress calls on Facebook and Instagram, with no effect.

It was then that the idea came according to her own words:

I thought, ?Siri is smart enough! I will ask her! ?

At that moment, Tyler pressed the button on his iPhone and said, "Siri, call the Coast Guard." The attendants recorded the situation of the Frank family, but were only able to reach the location the following morning with a helicopter. Then, the blow: the Coast Guard was rescuing only the elderly and refused to take the family or even the teenager, who still suffered from the effects of sickle cell anemia. Tyler was forced to call the institution again, with the help of Siri, and two days after the disaster, on the morning of August 29, she was rescued with her entire family.

She was immediately taken to Texas Children's Hospital, where she received treatment and was able to recover from the effects of the crisis. The family lost all their assets – the car, the house and everything it contained and is temporarily housed in a hotel room, but at least they are all well. For the most part, thanks to Tyler 's tenacity and a Siri girl.

via AppleInsider