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Future version of WhatsApp will allow users to “delete” messages even after sending

Oh, the glory of a new time! You will no longer fear when those messages, say, sensitive, are accidentally sent to the family group.

O WhatsApp Messenger is about to launch an update that will allow users to ?erase? (or, as they call it, ?revoke?) a message even after it's sent, freeing many distracted fingers of potential disasters and giving many insecure minds yet another huge window of time to change your mind about that message.

Who first discovered the novelty was the WABetaInfo, Twitter account specializing in analyzing the new beta versions of WhatsApp. For now only available on iOS (beta, good to reinforce!), The new feature works by touching and holding a specific message; in the contextual menu, a new option called ?Revoke? ("Revoke") clears the message not only from your device, but also from your recipient (or recipients, if we're talking about a group).

it is good to note that we are talking here about ?revoking?, and in ?deleting? the message: once the action is taken, the balloon remains intact, but instead of showing the content of the message, it shows a warning stating that the sender has canceled the message . This works even with media yes, if you revoke a message containing an image, for example, it will also be deleted from its recipient's library. The feature also seems to be exclusive to recent messages, sent up to a few days ago, anything before that cannot be revoked any more.

Another novelty discovered by the same researchers is the possibility to edit messages already sent, however, it is disabled by default and, therefore, should still be in an initial phase of implementation, which means that it may still take a long time to appear (if it will). .

The possibility to revoke messages is available, for now, only in version of WhatsApp beta for iOS. Such a feature has not yet appeared in the messenger test version for Android, nor is it known when it will be released to all users. Many of us hope that the wait is brief, right?

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