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Fourth generation Apple TV gets new screensavers (beautiful aerial videos)

One of the novelties of Apple TV fourth generation was the introduction of beautiful videos, which serve as screensavers. They are so cool that it didn't take long for someone to turn them into a screen saver for Macs.

Now, just over a year after the launch of the fourth generation Apple TV, Apple has added more videos to the feature. The discovery was made by Jim Gresham and includes images of Dubai, Greenland, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and the United Arab Emirates. In addition, there are 3 new videos from China, totaling 21 screensavers.

New Apple TV screensaversImage: iDownloadBlog

Check out the new ones:







If you have a fourth generation Apple TV, the videos are already available; if not, wait for it to appear soon. To do this, visit the settings of your set-top box and change the download of this type of content (it can be downloaded daily, weekly or monthly).

Oh, and if you have a screen saver for Macs, it already has all the new videos. ?

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