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Download some good games to spend time at home for free

With the COVID-19 crisis, the government's recommendation is to stay at home to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible. With that, we are seeing several services releasing free content to encourage people to stay in their homes.

In the App Store this is also happening with some specific applications and you can download them for free to enjoy the forced quarantine.

  • High Odyssey: GRTIS (it was R $ 18.90)
  • Altos Adventure: GRTIS (it was R $ 18.90)
  • Kingdom Rush Origins:GRTIS (it was R $ 18.90)
  • Kingdom Rush Frontiers: GRTIS (it was R $ 18.90)
  • Even Monsters Get Sick: GRTIS (it was R $ 3.90)
  • Prune: GRTIS (it was R $ 6.90)
  • Office Story: GRTIS (it was R $ 6.90)
  • Vikings: an Archers Journey: GRTIS (it was R $ 6.90)
  • PDF Max Pro # 1 PDF app !: GRTIS (it was R $ 18.90)
  • Dirt Trackin Sprint Cars: GRTIS (it was R $ 6.90)
  • Starborn Anarkist: GRTIS (it was R $ 6.90)