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Demand for new MacBooks Air remains strong

At the beginning of the month we commented that the demand for the MacBook Air was higher than the offer, with the 11-inch model being the most sought after. Today, almost a month later, the scenario hasn't changed that much. Demand is still very strong, but the most popular model would be the 13-inch, and not the 11-inch model.

Apple underestimated the demand for the larger Air, giving preference to the manufacture of its younger brother. And this is reflected in the resellers' stocks, which have already started to increase the price of the 13-inch version.

MacBooks Air facing OS X Lion

Ma sells two models of the 13-inch MacBook Air, one with 128GB, which costs $ 1,300, and the other with 256GB, for $ 1,600. Both are available immediately (24 hours) in the North American online store (in Brazil too), but the reality is not the same for resellers. Both 13-inch models are in short supply, causing prices to rise., for example, is selling the 128GB model for $ 1,550 and the 256GB model for $ 1,850, that is, an increase of $ 250! At Best Buy, it is not possible to find the 13-inch Air.

O AppleInsider did a quick search in ten official Apple stores and, like the online store, retail have a good stock of the model only one store in Los Angeles did not have the 13-inch MacBook Air with 128GB. Here in France, things also seem to be normalized: last Friday I visited the two Apple stores in Paris (Louvre and Opra), accompanied by a friend who wanted to buy (guess what?) A 13-inch MacBook Air. Stocks were normal at both.

We'll see how long it takes Apple to resolve this demand problem. Now, let's face it, what a good problem for a company to solve, huh ?!