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Check out our first impressions of Call of Duty: Warzone, this week's surprise release

Call of Duty is the third most profitable franchise in gaming history. Even with the "hype" of Warzone's surprise release, is it worth another battle royale in an already saturated market? We play, compare and explain everything

This Tuesday (10), at 16h, the brand new game in the franchise Call of Duty aired for PRAÇA, Playstation 4 and Xbox one. The launch, which won the title Warzone, was announced the day before and took everyone by surprise even those who were already connected in alleged leaks.

The game one FPS (First-person shooter) free and serves as an addition to the recent Modern Warfare, (2007 reboot) that was launched in August 2019. For those who already have the MW, just download a 20 GB update. For the others, it is necessary to reserve about 100 GB console / PC to handle the entire game which unfortunately does not include the rest of Modern Warfare.

For you to know whether or not it is worth downloading Warzone, we play the two available modes (battle royale and collecting money) and we count our first impressions below. In addition, we tell you what to expect from the game in the long term, in a hostile environment of strong competitors of the genre.

Battle Royale

The mode of prominence of the launch is not new nor for fans of the franchise, much less for gamers connected in the successes of the decade. So it is worth understanding the proposal a little and then see how it differs from the rest.

Context inside and outside the CoD universe

Modern Warfare, player points to tire shop with TIRES sign in frontBeautiful graphics and gameplay identical to Modern Warfare. This Warzone, an ?independent addition? to the game (Disclosure)

If you are used mechanics of Modern Warfare, you will feel ?at home? with Warzone. It is just an addition to the multiplayer modes included in the original game, with the addition of (cliché) battle royale. A fever a few years ago in other games, this mode consists of groups of players in direct confrontation on an island, surviving the collection base of items, such as weapons and life kits. Yes, this is a "Fortnite of great people".

The Call of Duty franchise took a chance once with the no Black Ops 4, from 2018, calling the battle royale itself ?Blackout?. The first distinction between the modes in these two games the developer: while BO4 was made by Treyarch (who has been caring for the ?Black Ops? label for years), the Infinity Ward (from the first CoD, which takes care of the ?Warfare? label).

Black Ops 4, excerpt from the battle royale promotion trailer, showing part of the mapBlackout, the franchise's first battle royale mode, arrived a few years ago (Divulgao)

And if the emerging family genre, it may be because PlayerUnknown?s Battlegrounds (or ?PUBG?), Which came a year before Fortnite, contributed to the popularization of the mode. Curious fact that the works Hunger Games (trilogy) and Lord of the Flies also follow the same line, even if exploring it in print. Battle royale, also abbreviated as B.R., is here to stay.

Proposal and gameplay

Nothing less 150 players, divided into squads of up to three people, jump on an island looking for items in search of supplies and weapons, waiting for the gradual toxic cloud to close them in a tiny area. Warzone It is literally a war zone, and you will feel it in your skin.

barrier area on verdansk map, call of duty warzoneVerdansk filled with beautiful scenery until you hear the drone of a stray bullet in the distance

Traditional weapon classes of the CoD series are spread over Verdansk, city where everything happens, in ?300 points of interest?Very well distributed. There are conflicts between urban, rural, factories, residences and open fields (flat or mountainous). When talking about architecture, the game does not fail.

In this mode, as much as your life is a priority, you are only entitled to a single respawn "free". Thus, when you die on the battlefield, you can enter into a dispute (1 × 1) against another random player who is in the same game as you in an area called gulag which historically is much worse than in this game. If you win, you can be reborn on the map with your teammates. If you lose, you should expect them to spend 4,500 credits to revive you.

gulag Call of Duty, a prison bathroom with two men, in low lightGulag is your only way to be reborn without paying anything (Disclosure)

Speaking of credits, another important differential of the game is the monetary side of the game: in the middle of the game you can look for contracts and, after fulfilling them, receive rewards. They go from ?kill a specific player? and ?master an area? to the simplest, which consists of loot bas scattered randomly in the vicinity.

Similar shopping season to one of its predecessors (the Spec Ops mode of Modern Warfare 3, launched in 2011), you can now purchase special items by collecting certain amounts of money. So possible order an air attack or activate a radar reconnaissance of enemies nearby, as well as the aforementioned function of reviving teammates.

Still talking about monetization, in the wake of the battle royale we will discuss another ?quite capitalist? way that arrived in Warzone, competitive money collection called Plunder.

Comparing Warzone competition

The main distinction of the game is the use of shield. You are already released on the map with a pistol and a shield that can be improved by collecting pieces on the map. In other B.R., the logic is usually the replacement of a single piece, along with consumable that make you recover the ?life of the shield?. In this one, it is just an improvement, and they all have the same maximum level.

Consequently, while in conflict your chances of recovery are minimal, even if you have plenty of shield pieces. In the competition titles, you usually have all the speed to retreat and recover Fortnite with constructions, Apex Legends with ?champions? skills, for example. At this point, Warzone closely resembles the realistic aspect of PUBG.

In the sequence, we will explore some more highlights of the game and potential improvements that Warzone I could learn from other games that also have battle royale or that are mode dependent.


PUBG, heroine of the battle pass in a prominent pose, front of explosionWith no colorful backgrounds or special skills, PUBG has attracted a more serious audience into the world of battle royale.

The aforementioned PUBG helped to popularize the use of vehicles for locomotion on the map, and Black Ops 4 just reaffirmed that the logic would also apply to the CoD universe. In Warzone, not different, even if it happens limited way. There are five vehicles, 1/3 of the vast list that PUBG presents. On the island you can find an ATV (two seats), Rover, SUV, helicopter (four seats) and a Cargo Truck. The 15 variations of competition make clear the point that Warzone could improve.

As Fortnite, which we quote in the sequence of this block, PUBG cross-platform, and Warzone learned from requests from the public and the success of MW to migrate the function also to B.R. and put a smile on the fans' faces. That is, you who own an Xbox can compete with anyone on the PC or PlayStation.

Apex Legends

Even though the series Battlefield has brought to the FPS mainstream the possibility of mark enemies or items on the map, it was in battle royale Apex Legends that the function has become essential to the game mode. However, the ?ping? options, such as call action, do not Warzone only more limited than in Apex. In the CoD, you can only mark areas indicating your travel route, items on the ground or enemies, while in the (now) competitor there is a wheel for selecting 7 warnings.

apex legends, Ping mechanics, in training areaApex ping mechanics: you can warn about the presence of enemies or indicate various actions in a practical way (Reproduction; Stevivor)

If you take into account that essential communication we say that really! in the game, really this one weak point. The assimilated button (directional down, if you use a controller) also shows the poor mapping of the command, as the fact of moving the finger of the left analogue in a conflict situation, just to indicate an enemy, can be fatal.

A last comparison to Apex is the differential that the game, launched last year (another ?late? of the fever), popularized mechanics of munio. With different types of weapon, the quick search for ammunition is facilitated by color classification vivid: aqua green, blue, red and orange, for example. Each represents a class, from assault rifles to snipers and submachine guns.

apex legends, munies screen, showing weapon in the foreground over loot crateLight, heavy or energy ammunition. They are distinctions that facilitate Apex gameplay for the better (Reproduction; Pinterest)

In the other B.R. Today, including both Call of Duty, there is no same logic. You depend 100% on reading when you aim the items. Again, an addition that could be interesting and would help a lot in the search around the map. Even if in a subtle way, without losing the franchise's ?serious? proposal, that would make all the difference.


Fortnite with wooden constructions, highlighting a square (mixed)This is certainly not the type of building you expect to find in the middle of a Call of Duty map (Reproduction; Fortnite INTEL)

We cannot put aside the hit Fortnite from that list of comparisons. The main contrast between them is very clear for those who have already played, as the target audience is also different. Fortnite is based on gameplay focused on constructions, the famous crafting and resource collection (not only consumable items and weapons).

Wooden towers, campfires and spiral staircases are adornments that ordinary Call of Duty players never expected to see sprout in the middle of a multiplayer match, even though they embrace the much talked about battle royale genre.


The second mode of the game, called Plunder (whose literal translation ?draft?), consists of you accumulating 1 million credits collecting around the map or fulfilling contracts virtually, just like in B.R., fortunately. Throughout the game, it is recommended to deposit the amount you carry in a specific area, by calling a helicopter for collection. Otherwise, if you die, half the money lost.

Warzone, Plunder money collection method, with money bags and piles on the floor, where three players are in conflictStacks of money can be looted from the beginning or they can fall from dead enemies (Disclosure)

Lucky for you, the money added between the three individuals on your team. Unfortunately, the process was slow and quite painful. In this mode, you can also give respawn unlimited, in random areas across the map. As a result, if you or a team mate dies in conflict, count on the luck of one of you to fall back near the area you were in, as your "second life" may be enough to defeat the other competitors.

As soon as a team reaches the goal of 1 million, a bonus mode is activated and no one else loses money on dying, which only increases the competitive spirit of everyone involved. If you are close to the goal and you are not in 1 place, this is your chance. The addition of this moment gives a dynamic breakdown of the game, making the concentration of players to be in the biggest conflict area as a consequence, where the squad members should be close to winning.

Warzone, Plunder money collection method, with money bags and piles on the floor, where a player is in conflictArmed conflict with the objective of making money. Sounds like real life, but only Call of Duty (Disclosure)

In a relaxed way, I won 3 of the 5 games I played in these first days of Warzone. By far, a more palpable victory (for players who understand the rules well) than battle royale. Just run to the deposit area as soon as you reach $ 50k, for example, and repeat the process. If you're lucky enough to fall with teammates well coordinated, victory is easy.

CoD Mobile Additions

On the official CoD blog, a special event was revealed in another game in the franchise, which also arrived last year, the Call of Duty: Mobile, which we have already indicated here. The game broke download records at the launch and, until the next 23rd, you will be entitled to one of the ?peaks? characters (shown in the image below) to add your collection.

Call of duty mobile in advertising event, shows Ghost, Capito Price and another soldierA limited CoD Mobile event entitles you to one of three characters (Play; CoD)

The important thing is your account Mobile be the same as you use in Warzone, which prevents those who did not play the newly launched to enjoy the breast. If you have the Modern Warfare, just update it and the servers will recognize your ?character voucher? currency.

As a result: the Call of Duty franchise had three successes absolute releases only in the last 7 months. As it is a public, which may or may not have migrated between the three (specifically Mobile and Warzone, as both are free), this is a remarkable achievement. And it is not the only part of this wave.

Proof of success

The new CoD has already stood out among other games in the s battle royale, as the brand's own Twitter published on this 5 fair that, only in the first 24 hours, 6 million players enjoyed the game, adding the three platforms. According to Sullygnome, a website that compiles data for viewing online platforms, half a million people watched a total of four million hours on Twitch, game streaming, also on the first day of the game.

CoD warzone, world map showing game launch timesThe map with the launch time respecting the time zone only helped to raise the title's ?hype? (Disclosure)

Releases surprise, whether with leaks and raising suspicions or not, they usually go well too. Apex Legends2019 was a prime example of this, as it aired the day it was announced. Another parallel to the game is to draw inspiration from another Apex universe in the context of Titanfall, and Warzone in that of Modern Warfare. The competitor also reached the mark of 50 million players in the first month. Does CoD hit the mark?

One way to attract the public to the game is the users' thirst for compete on multiple platforms. Particularly, I have gambling colleagues from other platforms (in particular, PC) that do not have space for competition in games that are not Overwatch and Rocket League. With the public won, it remains to maintain. Unfortunately, from my experience in the game, they can fail badly in this mission.

Long-term failure?

In the midst of so many resources and comparisons, it is inevitable to think about the game's long-term impact. At first night of the game, which is supposed to be the largest (at least, national) flow of players, there was a small problem with the filling system lobby that is, find and group the 150 players online on one map.

On one occasion, I waited for more than 10 minutes (yes, an eternity in the world of video games) for the ?intelligence? of the game to find 147 other lucky ones from other squads to fight in a match. Even after pre-departure load, the problem persisted. After giving up and restarting the game, the failure was repeated. In a third attempt, the maximum number (150) then decided to drop below 120 and the game counted down to the beginning of the game, which started.

player waiting in the Warzone lobbyLeaving a match, loading the lobby can take a long time (Reproduo; Gosunoob)

Taking into account other competitive ones, which are based on seasons, battle passes and updates (see Fortnite and Apex Legends), h naturally a greater flow of players at the ends of each period, both at the end and at the beginning. In a new season, we have just the time that you can get new items and enjoy the news of the game. To those who are late to climb the experience and deal with rankings, which are reset to zero each season, you can also see more players online in the last days of the version in question.

If, on the day of launch, a game that signs with the seal of the Call of Duty franchise (remembering: third most profitable in history games) that multi-platform cannot fill rooms, for whatever reason, we have a huge lack of community support.

pathfinder character in lobby, while the Apex Legends match loadsProblems in the lobby are not exclusive to Warzone, as the same still happens with Apex Legends to this day, more than a year after the release (Reproduction; EA Answers)

We know that there were enough people watching, as we mentioned above, and up to 10x more active players waiting for armed combat. Did the server's intelligence fail to pair players? Didn't the servers handle so many people trying? Was it a filter failure when trying to bring people together on different platforms? There is really no way to know, even an official announcement that probably should not happen.

In a quick internal survey, among other Brazilian gamers friends, I affirm that the problem of lobby it happened on both PC and PlayStation 4. On the PC, the problem was also related to the game itself not being able to run, as reported by frustrated Reddit users. The community also reaffirmed problems with the start of the game and claimed to be more than half an hour in the pre-game waiting for a game.

Twitch search tab, classifying most accessed games (screenshot)Warzone surpassed (and doubled) the number of viewers of other games in the first days since its launch. (Play / Twitch)

Fortunately, most of the players seemed satisfied with the experience, as dozens of streamers managed to be successful in the early days of the game, creating an audience spike three times that of Fortnite about 300k views on Twitch, on the night of March 12. The most recent sudden success that we can compare to that of Apex Legends, from last year, which kept its audience for a while, but doesn?t reach the feet of overcoming games like League of Legends nowadays.

In short, we can only wait for updates that we will fix the errors that we experience these days and also for those that will add new features to the Call of Duty: Warzone as a way to see the balance of this newcomer title.

And you, check it out ?what about this new battle royale?? Tell us in the comments.