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Check out another flyover at Apple Park – now entitled to 360º video!

As tradition dictates, we are here again, another month, to accompany the videos flying over the Apple Park. After Matthew Roberts have brought images of August a few days ago, now it's time to see the images of Duncan Sinfield.

It is now possible to see the heavy work being done more in relation to the local landscape, as well as progress in some other aspects.

The application of solar panels at the top of the ?spaceship? seems to have been completed and now the work is focused on vegetation, which is progressing very quickly. A large green area can now be seen both inside and outside the main building, covering what were once only large mounds of sand. In addition, the interior part already appears quite mobile.

As the Steve Jobs Theater (where Apple will host events) is quite advanced, it can be and we hope that the next special event will take place there. However, it is still possible to see some construction equipment in the area.

This time, Sinfield got excited and also recorded another video, this one in 360. But if you use, like me, Safari, you will need Chrome for the task, since the Apple browser does not yet support this type of video. You can also use the YouTube app on the iPhone to view everything around you on the video:

The complete work of the Apple Park should have ended at the beginning of this year, however, as we have seen, it may take a few months for everything to be in due condition. Anyway, we will continue to follow the videos month by month!

via MacRumors