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Canon EOS R 83MP would be close to launch

The supposed future mirrorless photo camera Canon EOS R 83MP would be very close to its launch date, point out information released by the site Canon rumors. The publication claims that a group of photographers was invited to test the Japanese manufacturer's new high-resolution model.


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The sources interviewed by the website say that the real model has a considerably lower megapixel count than previous rumors indicated. Before, there was talk of a sensor with a resolution of 150MP, but it seems that the final version will stay with 83MP.

Official website: Canon EOS R

The still unreleased model EOS R has more or less twice the sensor resolution of the future EOS R5, or at least what the speculations claim so far. Remember that the EOS R5 is capable of capturing video at 8K, which requires a minimum resolution of 33MP.

Source: Canon

But it is likely that these videos will be presented in a 16: 9 format, which means that the final resolution of the sensor should be around 45MP.

According to the website Tech Radar, a camera is not always being tested means that its release is close. In the case of the Canon 1DX Mark III, for example, its first rumors began to emerge almost a year before its final launch in January 2020.

In addition, several cameras that would be launched this year had their arrival on the market delayed because of the new coronavirus. It is very likely that the Canon EOS R will also be affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Via: Tech Radar Source: Canon Rumors. [TagsToTranslate] canon eos r