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Automatically turn photos, videos and Live Photos into GIFs with this app

As soon as the completely revamped iMessage arrived, on iOS 10, several exclusive apps appeared for Apple's messenger. One of the most interesting apps was the Moment GIFs, which created GIFs directly from iMessage, with photos from your library. Now, the developers have created a separate version of the app, with a few more features.

Moment GIF Maker app icon

The main purpose of the application is to make the conversion of photos, videos or Live Photos in GIFs, making everything easier for the user. The app ?scans? your library and, when there are videos or Live Photos, they are converted entirely; j the photos go through an ?analysis? process that joins similar images using intelligent algorithms, in order to form animated GIFs.

Animations appear in the application and, fortunately, are not saved on the device. If you like any, just tap ?share? (share) and save it. The new features of the app include filters, adding text and stickers, touch-up on brightness and contrast, and also gains in animation speed. Unfortunately, there is still no option to add random images and merge them into GIFs.

When the app was launched exclusively for iMessage, it cost $ 2; now, you can download it for free from the App Store and, if you want, pay US $ 4 to enable more options stickers, among other features.

(via TechCrunch)