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Apple would still be negotiating with China Telecom; company is in a pool with China Mobile

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China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom so much "China" that there is no mistaking Vivo, Oi, TIM and Claro it is much easier, isn't it? But now I'm going to put everything on clean plates.

China Mobile, the largest operator in China (and, consequently, in the world), with 600 million customers, which has already had several conversations with Apple, including the presence of Steve Jobs.

China Unicom, the second largest in China, with about 183 million customers, Apple's only partner in the country and, according to the latest rumors, company executives made a leap in the United States to negotiate the launch of the iPhone 5 in the largest market on the planet .

J a China Telecom, third largest, with 100 million customers, and the only one in the country that works with CDMA networks, it would already have an agreement with Apple for the distribution of the iPhone 5 in Chinese territory, which is easy for Ma, since supposedly his next smartphone will be due be hybrid.

Confused undone? Now for the news of the day.

According to the Reuters, the agreement with China Telecom has not yet come out and both companies are still negotiating the arrival of the iPhone in the Chinese market through the third largest operator in the country.

As always, Apple and China Telecom did not comment on the matter. "We have a confidential agreement with Apple and I can't say anything about it," said Wang, the company's president, after announcing his telecom's first half financial results. Apparently nothing agreed, yet.

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Turning now to China Mobile, # 1, it looks like the conversations are going to take a while to finish. The company's network operates on the TD-SCDMA standard, which is incompatible with Ma's devices. That's why Apple is in a real pool: either it develops a specific device for the telecom network, or the operator's customers will only be able to having access to the 2G network through the iPhone, let's face it, like having a Ferrari and being able to walk at 30km / h.

With such a market (more than half a billion customers), it is a matter of time for Apple to close a deal with China Mobile, after all its plans for China are big. But how do you think this agreement would be? Smartphone specific to the network or a capped model?

(via MacRumors, Computerworld)