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Apple to spend $ 1.3 billion to build data center in Iowa, USA

Apple already has a number of data centers spread across its home country, in states like North Carolina, Nevada, Oregon and California itself. But apparently, still not enough: Ma just confirmed the construction of yet another gigantic data center in the State of Iowa, in the Midwest of the United States.

In total, the company will spend an estimate of $ 1.3 billion (~ R $ 4 billion) with the construction of their data center, US $ 110 million will be used to purchase the 8.09km land in the city of Waukee, where the complex will be located; US $ 620 million will be spent on the work itself; another US $ 600 million will be used to purchase computer equipment and, finally, US $ 45 million will be used for other equipment.

Initially, 50 direct jobs will be created (a number that will certainly be multiplied with the progress of the works) and the Iowa State Government will grant a tax credit of $ 19.65 million; over the next 20 years, another $ 188.2 million will be deducted from Apple's tax as part of the incentive plan, totaling $ 207.8 million (~ R $ 652 million) in tax benefits. The idea is that the work will start in early 2018 and the center is already fully operational in 2020.

Apple's New Iowa Data Center

When ready and online, the data center will complement existing ones to host services such as Siri, iMessage, Apple Music, iCloud and iTunes / App Store. As a rule in all Ma data centers, it will also be powered entirely by sustainable energy, such as solar and wind.

Looking forward to working with @KimReynoldsIA & @CityofWaukee at Apple's newest data center that serves countless American customers.

CEO Tim Cook stopped by Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, where he officially announced the project. In addition, the executive visited an innovation and learning center with the state governor. Before that, he made a brief stop in Ohio, where he visited the headquarters of CTS, an Apple partner company that helps the Cupertino giant with equipment testing.

Thanks to the CTS people in Cincinnati, makers of the best test equipment for Apple. I loved my visit this morning!

If Cook?s forays in Iowa bring news, we?ll update this article.