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Apple rejects Samsung Pay app for iOS and South Korean strangely cancels platform support

The spirit of bullshit seems to have taken over Apple's competitors this boring week. The newest story in this technique comes straight from South Korea, where our beloved Samsung caused a frisson in the technological world by declaring that Apple did not approve the entry of its application Samsung Pay Mini on the App Store and subsequently canceled all support for their Ma platform payments system.

Samsung Pay

In detail: the Samsung Pay Mini is the name of the application that the company uses to expand its payment system outside its own fences so far, only smartphones of its own Sammy they could take advantage of Samsung Pay (which, incidentally, is already available in Brazil); with the new app, other devices with the Android operating system of all brands will also have access to the feature.

Samsung's idea was to launch the application also for iPhone and, with this, significantly expand the adoption of its product. However, the South Korean newspaper ETNews revealed yesterday that Apple rejected the app?s entry into its store and that Sammy will not make another attempt to send the application and, in effect, is giving up on the idea of ??expanding its payment system to the iOS universe.

The reason for the application's rejection has not been disclosed, which raises a number of questions. Such an event raised suspicions that Apple was favoring its own payment system, Apple Pay, to the detriment of a competitor that grows vigorously finding, in this case, some random or minor reason to disapprove the application. A counter-argument to this hypothesis, however, would be the fact that a number of other payment applications (Google Wallet, PayPal, PagSeguro, PagueVeloz, among others) are available on the App Store.

The possibility also arose that Samsung deliberately misused an API to have its application rejected and take advantage of the spotlight generated by the situation. The fact that the company did not reveal the reason for Apple to have barred its application at any time and Ma certainly gave this Samsung return, as it always does (or at least should have) when it rejects the entry of a product in your store. If Apple had barred the app for an arbitrary or fabricated reason, it is thought that the South Korean would publicize it widely while accusing the competitor of abuse of power and unfair competition.

The fact is that the Samsung Pay Mini for Android will be launched at CES 2017 in early January, and Apple users will be out of the party at least until the second order. In turn, Apple Pay is expected to reach South Korea in the first half of next year, as the same report states. Now, whoever is acting suspiciously in this story, it is only time to tell or not.

(via Patently Apple)