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Apple hid a page on its website to hire an engineer for its team of "critical" web servers

Think of a clever way to filter potential candidates for a vacancy that requires very deep technical knowledge. How about simply hiding the page that advertises such a vacancy, so that only the "smart" can find it?

That's what Apple did recently, as it discovered Zack Whittaker security editor at ZDNet and the CBS. He posted on Twitter a screenshot of the page, which was hosted at this URL but has already been taken down.

As you can see, the job is even for someone with a lot of experience. An engineer graduated or post-graduated in Computer Science who has experience in managing high capacity web servers probably related to iCloud, Apple Music and / or Ma's online stores.

Apple described the vacancy as ?critical?, in the sense that the person works with exabytes of data (1EB = 1.000PB = 1.000.000TB = distributed by ?tens of thousands? of servers with ?millions? of disks. What about? ?

Well, the page has already gone offline but nothing prevents you from, if you are interested in the vacancy and consider yourself fit for it (or know someone who fits that), send an email with your resume to blob-recruiting @ group Good luck!

via MacRumors