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Apple details changes to Swift 3.1 and reinforces plan to launch it in the first half of next year

Back in July, Apple promised a new version of Swift sometime in the first half of next year. Now, through a post on the official programming language blog, Ma is giving some more details about the call Swift 3.1, as well as confirming its launch deadline, which is now slightly more precise: spring (northern hemisphere) 2017, that is, between March and May of next year.


The best news about Swift 3.1 is that its source code will be almost fully compatible with that of 3.0, freeing developers from a lot of work to update their applications and projects. In addition, the language receives some ?additive improvements?, as the Swift team chief engineer Ted Kremenek classifies, as well as advances in Swift Package Manager, in the interaction of the language with Linux and in Standard Library (Standard Library).

Kremenek also announced that the development of Swift 3.1 should be closed around 16 January next year from the beginning, a period of refinement and correction of flaws and bugs in the new version will be entered, and a good part of the team already turn your attention to the development of Swift 4.0.

(via 9to5Mac)