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Analyst predicts not one, not two, but three Apple HDTVs coming by March 2012

And rumors continue about the arrival of an Apple HDTV just last month, there were three occasions: 1, 2, 3. Today it was the turn of Trip Chowdhry, from Global Equities Research, to give his opinion on the subject.

Apple HDTV (iTV, Apple TV)

In a note sent to investors, the analyst says he is confident that an ?iTV? is really on the way and that by March 2012 we may already have a complete line of Ma TVs, with three different models.

Among the products currently in existence, Chowdhry expects Apple's HDTV to closely resemble Bose's VideoWave, a 46-inch 15-inch LCD TV with 16 built-in speakers for sound surround. With that, it basically only needs three cables; Apple should reduce that to just one ( there Thunderbolt?), And your TV itself would be a third of the thickness.

The line of iTVs would therefore have three different sizes, each targeting a specific market segment, based on the price variation. If that's true, let's just hope that the level set is not the same as that of Bose, since your VideoWave costs more than $ 5,000, outside.

I don't know, no, I still think this is one of the strangest rumors of recent times.

(via AppleInsider)