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Amazon launches Prime Video – rival to Netflix – in Brazil, for an initial monthly fee of just $ 3

Do you love Netflix? Do you love the possibilities and titles that the service offers? Well now you can get in a billiard pool. This is because Amazon has just brought its service to Brazil streaming video: o Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video

Just like any other service of its kind, it has several series and films already known and also original titles that are available to Brazilian subscribers for only US $ 3 a month.

Amazon Prime Video

This price, however, will be valid for the first six months, rising to $ 6 after this period. There is the possibility to test it without paying anything, but the period of only one week (seven days) is different from Netflix, which offers the service free of charge for 30 days.

Amazon Prime Video

Something that already exists in the Amazon service on iOS devices, fortunately, the option to download the series and movies you want (something offered by Netflix only recently).

Amazon Prime Video

In the app, there is a tab for downloads. Another interesting option of Prime Video is that, when accessing it through the browser, it is possible to see the relevant information of the artists and the series, taken from IMDb (service that belongs to Amazon). In addition to Brazil, Prime Video was launched today in more than 200 other countries.

The comparison is inevitable and, for sure, there are pros and cons in both services; only users will know what is best for them. For example, Prime Video has many more titles Bollywoodians than Netflix. In addition, the famous ?Mr. Robot ?, among others, are available on Amazon's service.

Amazon Prime Video

However, Prime Video is charged in dollars, which is not so attractive to the majority of the Brazilian population. And even though Amazon's original series is beginning to be noticed (as in the case of ?Transparent?), Netflix's originals are much, much more famous in our land; and it goes without saying that there is a greater investment in Brazil by Netflix, given the first Brazilian production that debuted on the 25th: ?3%?).

Even though Netflix already has more than 86 million active subscribers worldwide, Prime Video has a great chance to grow even more. Anyway, having more options and a little competition is always good, right? Not forgetting that, very soon, the ?independent? HBO GO will land here, too. ?

Amazon Prime Video app icon

(via TechCrunch)