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5 tools and apps to gain Twitter followers

Twitter remains one of the most popular social networks today. Therefore, gaining followers is one of the goals that many people and companies constantly seek.

However, tools that promise magic solutions to increase the number of followers undermine the credibility of your account with Twitter and also with any followers you may have.

The best way to get followers on Twitter is still engagement with users, in addition to certain actions that help when it comes to being seen by potential followers. Some of the tips are:

  • Be active on the social network;
  • Share interesting and quality content;
  • Get involved in other people's tutes, retweeting, enjoying and responding;
  • Make good use of hashtags;
  • Have patience.

But if it already sounds like having to manage all these activities in order to gain followers on Twitter, AppGeek selected 6 tools that assist in the management and can help you in the search for new followers. Check out!

1. Crowdfire


Crowdfire is one of the most complete applications when it comes to managing Twitter. With various tools, ranging from content management to statistics on a specific keyword, the application has the premise of being a simplified social media manager, where you can do everything to keep your profile attractive.

With Crowdfire, you can follow people you easily find by keyword, identify who doesn't follow you back and inactive accounts, monitor competition followers and find possibilities for engagement.

In addition, it is possible to define a personalized private message (DM) to be sent to your new followers, perfect for giving a boost to Twitter!

To download, click on your operating system: Android or iOS.

2. Social Sprout

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a very interesting tool for managing your Twitter profile. Quite simple to use, the site offers many options for your content to reach the right people. It is possible to schedule tutes for the schedules you prefer, there is an organizational environment for priorities and access to the history of conversations on the social network, among others.

But one of the main actions allowed by Sprout Social is to monitor relevant keywords and hashtags across Twitter, sending engagement opportunities directly to your Smart Inbox so that you gain more followers.

In full reports, we have access to the type of content being shared, the flow of posts, trends and profiles involved, so that you can more easily engage with potential followers.

Despite being a paid tool, you can do a free trial for 30 days.

To download, click on your operating system: Android or iOS.

3. Refollow


Finding your audience is laborious and takes a lot of time. For this reason, Refollow was created to simplify this process, so you can start to grow your profile, gaining new followers and increasing your presence on the social network. But with a bonus: find only the right person!

For this, the site has created smart filters that search exactly the type of profile you are looking for. But in addition to a tool to find followers, with Refollow it is possible to manage your entire account, check the engagements built on the network, maximizing the involvement and valuing each follower.

With statistical information, made available by Refollow in detailed reports, you can evaluate your performance on Twitter, as well as identify in what aspect it can be improved.

a paid tool, with plans that vary in values ??per week or per month. But before you have to spend money, you can take a week-long test to decide!

4. Hootsuite


Very simple and cloud-based, Hootsuite has an attractive interface, which offers several management options for your profile. The control panel allows you to manage several accounts at the same time, not only Twitter, but also other social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

In Hootsuite, you can easily schedule posts, ensuring greater presence on the social network. To let your strategy organization to gain more followers even simpler, it is possible to do personalized searches and check the statistics of a particular tute, allowing you to know if your content is getting the attention you want.

The tool also allows studies of your metrics on the social network, tracking trends and measuring the growth of your reach on Twitter. With complete reports, find out how your followers interact with your content and find out how to create more engagement with them.

5. Audiense


A platform entirely focused on social media marketing, Audiense brings many advantages. Perfect for engaging audiences based on what they publish on the internet, the tool allows you to understand the public, identify marketing opportunities and engage followers and potential followers intelligently.

With simple options to learn how to use, Audiense has an audience manager, which helps you to find large audiences or even very specific audiences relevant to you.

In the reports, it is possible to understand what internet users are saying about a certain subject and what their affinities are, among other functions, facilitating insights for their contact with new potential followers.

To take into consideration

Twitter and Instagram

Despite powerful tools, there is no way to make Internet users follow your profile without effort, as there is no magic formula for this. With the options above, you can start to understand your audience, know what time is online, what they talk about on the network, schedule tutes to maintain an active and attractive profile.

Remember that there is no point in getting followers if your account is not updated regularly. Do not forget that having credibility in the social network is a great differential so that your content also appears to potential followers.

And if you have doubts about which tool to choose, make a detailed study of each one, trying to understand if it offers any resource that will be crucial to what you have in mind. It is also worth assessing the cost-benefit, since the majority pays, and getting testimonials from those who have already used it.

Another important point is to be patient. If the number of followers suddenly jumps in a single day, Twitter's computer security tools may consider it suspicious action, and may ban it because they believe it is a spam profile.

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