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With Haswell processors, Intel intends to bring notebook autonomy to 24 hours

We?ve just seen almost all Macs upgraded to Intel?s Sandy Bridge line (Mac Pro is missing), we?re daydreaming about the Ivy Bridge line, but people at Chipzilla already has its head there in 2013, in its Haswell low consumption architecture.

Intel Haswell chip consumption

But how low? Only moderately economical, or truly greedy? Let's say that this new line of processors will bring to the x86 architecture what for now is only possible with ARM chips. In words for laymen, your computer will be able to run for 24 hours on a single charge or stay 10 days on standby connected (a state similar to the sleep, but downloading information and updating apps). That is enough for Jack Bauer to save the free world and there must still be energy left.

Another possibility (and patents play a crucial role here) of never having to recharge a battery again: consumption would be so minimal that a notebook with solar cells in its housing could generate all the energy necessary for its operation.

But all of this is very much for the future, right? What to expect next? How about an Ivy Bridge CPU quad-core that consumes only 35W of energy? This means that the 13-inch MacBook Pro (if it still exists) could win such a processor next year. Fingers crossed!

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