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What appears to be the first public photo of 8 megapixels taken by an iPhone [atualizado]

Hungry? I'm! This photo does not help:

Alleged 8 megapixel photo taken by an iPhone


I'm just not putting this here just to make your stomach growl: according to the PocketNow, EXIF ??information from this image brings several curious conflicts. For example, it may be 2235 × 2291 pixels (5.12 megapixels) now, but originally it was 3264 × 2448 pixels (almost, almost 8 megapixels!) And is said to be produced by an iPhone 4. Worse: the lens would have f / 2.4 of 4.3mm, a measure worthy of cameras point-and-shoot.

But before we jump to jumping to conclusions, let's take into account that this image may well have been taken with a camera, transferred to an iPhone 4, edited and shared with the world after being edited by some app that works with EXIF. Or this could be some Apple engineer showing what he is going to eat at work, during lunch break.

Gray Powell s you?


One of the readers of This is my next moved the image a bit and reached a chilling result: d to see the device reflected in the plate! Ok, ok, no d to see all the details of the gadget in the image, but still it was a discovery worthy of CSI. If only those magnification systems existed

Supposed iPhone 5 reflected in a plate

Oh, and one more thing: the geolocation data embedded in the image points straight to the Apple campus in Cupertino. I have the impression that some engineer will have a day much bad.