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Video: our iPhone 8 Plus hands-on!

O unboxing it is already done; now the hands-on! For this video, we focus on three features of the iPhone 8 Plus: camera, performance and wireless charging.

Regarding the camera, we showed a little the new Lighting Mode that has some interesting options for those who liked the Portrait Mode, launched by Apple last year. In addition, we made a brief photo comparison between the iPhones 8 Plus and 7 Plus.

In performance, we initialized the iPhones, ran the Horizon Chase game and the Geekbench 4 test to show the score on the phones.

For wireless charging, we put the iPhone 8 Plus to be recharged on a newly installed mophie base and we tested the device charging both with and without a case.

These were just a few of the many reviews on the device that we will still do in the full review of the iPhone 8 Plus, which we will publish here on the site in a few weeks. ?

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