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Video: iPhone 8 Plus unboxing!

Announced on September 12, the iPhones 8/8 Plus finally hit the market!

We took the devices in New York, more precisely at the Apple World Trade Center. By then, the line was very shy (only a few people) and there was no ?traditional? party for the first buyers.

We talked to a store salesman, who gave a very acceptable explanation: currently, Apple is increasingly migrating its sales to the online store, offering the option of the person to receive the product at home or schedule a time to search the store (which ends up diluting the concentration of people). Makes sense? Quite!

Opposing this argument, there were queues at some stores such as Apple Fifth Avenue (also in New York), in Miami, Orlando, Singapore and many other places. The lines, however, do not compare with those we have seen in the past for two reasons: the explanation given by the seller (which really makes sense) and the expectation for the iPhone X, which will only hit the market in November and that the current one flagship da Ma (consequently, the desire of most users).

Without further ado, let's go to our traditional unboxing, now focused on the iPhone 8 Plus (both space gray and gold)!

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