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US court now allows Apple to be sued for monopolizing the iOS app industry

Apple has a lot of control over everything that goes in and out of App Store, even to increase user security. Unlike the Android system, on iOS it is not possible to install apps that come from outside the official app store (at least not outside the corporate world and the jailbreak). However, it seems that this ?control? is being seen by some as "Monoplio", which could end up hurting Apple.

Going back on a decision taken in 2013, the 9 United States Court of Appeals now allow users to sue Apple for monopoly, since it only allows the installation of applications from the App Store.

The lawsuit, which started in 2011, suggested that the app store did not give way to competition and the sustained prices were very high. At that time, Ma's defense stated that the company could not be sued (at least not with this allegation) because what it does simply "rent" a space on the App Store; those responsible for the prices are the developers themselves who make their apps available there.

Although today's decision has no direct effect on the case cited, it opens the door for him to return with strength and also for others like him to appear. The applicant's lawyer explained the intention for the Reuters.

The obvious solution is to force Apple to let people buy apps wherever they want, which would open the market and help lower prices. The other alternative is for Apple to pay damages to people for higher prices than they have historically had to pay for the fact that Apple uses its monopoly.

I don't know if opportunism or there is a real concern behind this, but I find it difficult for Apple to give up on the security of its devices only for "a few" dollars.

We know that Apple has money coming out of the thief, but there is no need to appeal, my dear. ?

(via 9to5Mac)