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UK advertising regulator gives iPhone the slimmest title

"Mirror, mirror, is there a smartphone thinner than mine?" This verse was what Samsung did to provoke the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), in the United Kingdom, to remove from Apple advertising a phrase that promotes the iPhone as the thinnest device in its category, according to the The Guardian. Well, it?s 9.3mm thick (more or less), while the Galaxy S II, from Sammy, measures 8.71mm over much of its length.

Okay, so let's test Samsung's own advertising! Who goes through the narrowest doorway, the Galaxy S II or the iPhone 4? the apple cell that passes, because its thickest point (9.3mm) is thinner than the competitor's thickest point (9.91mm).

Therefore, the iPhone 4 remains the title of the thinnest smartphone in the world and will probably only lose it if the rumored wedge-shaped gadget is released next month. This, if it is a cell phone, and not an iPod touch.

(via TechCrunch)