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Uber, Cabify or taxi: which is the cheapest? The VAH app helps you decide

If you were one of those who used Uber's initial phase and was thrilled with happiness when 99% of the time the ride was cheaper than the taxi, you must have noticed that today is no longer a reality. Partly because Uber got more expensive and partly because the competition forced a greater number of promotions on competitors (old and new, such as taxis via app and Cabify).

With all this competition, if you, as well as a large part of the population, want (or need) to save, you should ask the following questions: what is my need, at this moment? Do I need something cheaper? Or do I need something faster?

Entering three or four apps to search for prices is obviously unattractive. Behold, out of this need, the VAH It is an application that helps you to check which of the Uber or taxi-style transport services is cheaper and / or faster at the moment, doing a real-time search based on the route you inform the application.

VAH app icon Compare and Search Price

I did a quick test here in the city of So Paulo, leaving Av. Paulista bound for a more central region of the city, and I was surprised with the price differences, variations of 72% in value, and in some tests the common taxi via 99 or Easy was cheaper than Uber or Cabify.

I found it interesting that VAH can also search for promotional race codes in the test I did, he showed me three Cabify promotions.

I talked to Marcio Bern, creator of the application, who said:

Now, at the turn of the year, we will celebrate three months of life, intense and challenging. The VAH idea came from the fact that I am heavy-user taxis / Uber, and I always wondered which service was the cheapest. With so many promotions going on, will there always be that service that is most important to you, however, when you find out about it so you can enjoy it?

What did I do? He went from app to app, wrote down the prices on a piece of paper and decided which one to call. There were times when, in this delay to choose, the rate had already gone up by the time I called. The idea of ??VAH was born, an app that compares all the prices available at that moment for the informed journey. All tariffs, promotional ones with good discounts and also Uber's dynamic tariff, showing how much the multiplier is applied.

Tapped on the selected option, the user redirected to the corresponding app. If you have not installed it, then you are redirected to the store to download. In addition to showing fares, VAH also indicates the average waiting time for the car to arrive. There are days, of course, that haste is more important than the tariff.

In particular, I recommend you to download and test the app, but as you know, I tend to be critical (not to call myself boring), but in the opinions; as it is still a * very new * app, it needs a little touch-up of the interface, as it is more functional than beautiful (which, for his purpose, what matters). It is not ugly, we can say that it is okay, but with a pat of design and managing to keep the integrations to pull the information from the private transport services, it has everything to be one of those apps that we will not get out of the phone anymore.

Download VAH and share your experience in the comments! As it is a new app, I am sure it will help a lot of creators to polish that experience. We only have to win.

(tip from Gabriel Lacorte)