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Thunderbolt cables using optical fiber may appear next year, but at the same speed as today

Formerly known as Light Peak, the ultra-fast data transmission technology developed by Intel in partnership with Apple left a little to be desired in one little detail: the lack of ?Light?. Sure, Thunderbolt connections are modern, but they use medieval copper wires full of chips at the ends, and not optical fiber, a type of material that has much more potential. S that according to the This is my next, Intel announced in a presentation that this could change already next year.

Intel's plans for the Thunderbolt standard

Information presented at the IDF yesterday points to the arrival of optical cables ?sometime next year?, which is good news that the news that the only differential of these cables will be the possibilities for them to measure up to tens of meters, instead of the three few meters allowed by copper. Ah, of course, the price should also be good bigger. For now, no speeds above 10 Gbps for this connection.

There is only one more good news (or bad if you are Sony): the connector format that Intel intends to support the Mini DisplayPort is not about inventing USB-style inputs. But it doesn't go away yet, as there is still a great news: the Chipzilla is giving full support to the new standard through the Thunderbolt Technology Community, an evangelism website that intends to do for this technology what they lacked for FireWire.

Now, if you want a second opinion, the PC World highlighted one by Dadi Perlmutter, executive vice president and general manager of the Intel Architecture Group, who believes that optical fiber cables may still take a few years to arrive, as copper cables would be good enough in terms of performance / price.

You know what they say: the greatest enemy of the "best" or the "good enough".

(via MacRumors)