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Three new Adobe projects include voice image editing, face painting and interactive sculpture

THE Adobe presented, in his last conference, several projects of new software or functionalities in which they are working. Now, she has released three more videos demonstrating some other possibilities that are in the company's plans.

Heading into the world of artificial intelligence, Adobe showed on the video below how someone could edit photos just by interacting by voice with a virtual assistant along the lines of Siri. For now, the system accepts natural language instructions directly on a device or through a cloud-based natural language understanding service.

For the average user, the option doesn't seem as intuitive as they want to make it look, but it will definitely help those who depend on accessibility features to edit their photos.

Another peculiar project is that of face painting (Face Painting), which allows the user to paint a face on a still image. With the help of a real-time painting simulator, all the lighting and traces of the face merge with virtual paint, making it even more realistic.

The third one shows a very interesting work done with 3D elements that they called interactive sculpture (Interactive Sculpting). With it, it will be possible to create sculptures digitally, using 3D objects for this.

It is possible to notice, mainly in the virtual assistant, that these are still projects, not the final products. In any case, it is good to know that Adobe is working to incorporate new features into its products or to bring in totally new software which will allow artists to have more freedom and exercise their creativity.

(via TechCrunch, MacRumors)