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TeK tip: Too much free time at home? Discover 5 applications to stay in shape

The new Coronavirus has not left anyone indifferent and on social networks there are several users sharing tips for the Portuguese to be entertained at home. Physical exercise practice has been one of the pieces of advice and, in this article, we have compiled five applications that can help you stay focused in these days when social isolation can make a difference.

Doing physical exercise, adapted to the conditions of each person, has always been beneficial to anyone's health, but, with the usual "rush" of the life of most citizens, it is not always easy to comply with this, which, for many, a goal to achieve every year. However, at a time when a new pandemic has arrived in the country, more time at home can also mean greater willingness to exercise.

After several public figures took advantage of the moment to publicize some exercises that can be done at home, SAPO TeK gathered five apps that can also help you stay in shape. Will you enjoy your free time for new challenges?

Check out the suggestions for exercise apps.

With this app you can train 2 minutes at home (and no more than 15)

If you haven't heard of the Q48 today, it's in the form of an official app. The Burning 48 Hours method for training without any equipment has been around for some time and has been gaining popularity.

The 48 Hour Burn was created by Vincius Possebon and consists of a set of daily exercises, which you can easily do at home (or abroad), since you do not need any type of equipment.

Of the HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) genre, the exercises are shown in exemplary videos and last between two to 15 minutes at most.

The Official Q48 is available for Android and iOS. You have free access, but be aware that many of the options that may be more interesting are paid for.

Stay in shape with Sworkit: a virtual personal trainer tailored to you

Even if you are a complete beginner or have a very busy schedule, Sworkit promises to be a personal trainer in the palm of your hand, allowing you to customize training sessions to suit your needs.

If one of your resolutions for 2020 stays in shape, but you have a busy life that does not always allow you to go to the gym, Sworkit can help you achieve your goal and start the year in a healthier way. The application not only provides a series of exercises that can be performed at home without any type of extra equipment, but it also allows you to customize training sessions to suit your needs.

In an interface with a simple design, the user can choose what type of exercises he wants to do, from outside training to aerobics, not forgetting stretches, pilates or even yoga. Even if you are a beginner or have difficulty executing certain movements, Sworkit presents a series of less intense exercises, so that you can keep yourself healthy without putting your physical condition at risk.

After choosing the type of training he wants to do, the user only needs to indicate the duration of the session, even having the possibility to adjust the time between each exercise. Throughout the training, Sworkit also presents animations for each of the movements to be carried out, each question arises. In addition, in order not to lose the thread, Sworkit demonstrates your progress.

Sworkit is available both for Android, in the Play Store, and for iOS, in the App Store, and it is also possible to integrate it in applications such as Apple Health or even MyFitnessPal. After a seven-day free period, to continue using it, the user will have to subscribe to a monthly subscription, which is around 3.99 euros, or annually, for 99.99 euros.

Free or paid, Freeletics only wants its users to stay in shape

The criticisms are generally positive and many refer to the option for the paid version, with the right to personalized training, or to the Freeletics coach. But this physical training app also has proposals for those who don't want to spend money.

The popularity that Freeletics has gained in recent times seems justified. The creators of the application bet on the availability of several resources, well organized and explained, wrapped in a clean aspect, and deserve positive comments from the users.

There are two ways to use Freeletics: free or paying. Free of charge, you have the right to choose between several general training sessions, from beginner to intermediate level, and then differentiated according to the area of ??the body they work on and with an indication of their duration and degree of difficulty.

Each exercise is explained individually and usually presents an alternative exercise with less difficulty.

In the paid form, you have the right to prepare a personalized training that will be adapted according to the progress recorded and to a coach equipped with Artificial Intelligence who promises to get to know you more and more as you train, advising you better. The values ??are weekly and vary depending on the training time and if you also want to make a nutritional plan.

Freeletics is available for Android and iOS devices.

Want to help you reach your goals? Create task lists and the Goal Meter measures your performance

Losing weight or simply improving your work routine can be an easier task with this application, through an organized planning of what has to be done.

In order to create good habits for the user, the Goal Meter will ask to register via Facebook or the Gmail account. Once the Goal Meter is installed, you can immediately create your task list to achieve what you want so much.

And how does the application help you with this task? The Goal Meter assesses the fulfillment of its tasks, in order to maximize the achievement of objectives and the monitoring of habits.

For this to be done in an organized way, the application presents a daily and weekly planning, regardless of whether its objectives are short or long term.

If you still don't know what your specific goals are, the application presents you with several models, such as health, work, diet or exercise.

Goal Meter is a free application and is available for Android and IOS devices

Attention men: lose weight in 30 days through an app

Or at least the title of this app that hopes to be miraculous by lowering any man's beer belly.

Although there are no miraculous ideas for losing weight, in addition to closing your mouth, discipline in food and exercise is vital to keeping your body in shape. The company Leap Fitness Group specializes in applications for exercising and helping users lose weight, without leaving the house. For this, the application Lose Weight in 30 Days for Men is dedicated to the elimination of abdominal fat, the excess fat from the chest, that is, to eliminate the beautiful belly tires of users.

The application offers a 30-day plan and users only need to spend 5-10 minutes a day to lose weight and keep in shape. Thinking of users who are overweight and have joint problems, the app offers a low impact option. According to the app's description, exercises dispense with the need to use equipment, using only body weight to lose fat and gain muscle mass.

The application will follow the user's progress, showing in graphs the evolution of the lost weight, as well as the burning of calories. There are also three levels of difficulty, in order to satisfy non-beginners, such as the most experienced. The workouts were created by professional physical trainers and are intended to help users work on the respective body areas targeted in the app.

You can download the application for free on Android and iOS versions.