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Special event: Apple TV 4K, with HDR and Dolby Vision support, is launched!

THE Apple TV it also had its space at today's event, of course the rumors, after all, are more accurate than ever!

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, explained the history of advances in the television market as a whole. All of this to show that we are now at a new turning point: 4K resolution. So, nothing is more fair than launching Apple TV 4K! The person responsible for presenting the product was Eddy Cue, senior vice president of software and services for the Internet.

Apple TV 4K in a dark environment with the TV in front

There are two major advances in image quality, obviously starting at 4K resolution, which offers 4x the number of pixels over Full HD 1080p. But the other breakthrough is just as important: there is also, as expected, HDR support. Cue compared images with and without HDR, showing pixel quality and color depth. As Steve Jobs Theater has a state-of-the-art projector, the audience was able to view the capabilities of the new Apple TV in all its glory.

4K and HDR compared to Apple TV 4K

The tvOS screensavers were all remastered for the new Apple TV, as well as the system interface that was completely rebuilt to 4K, more colorful and clearer. In the heart of set-top box, there is an A10X Fusion chip the same as the iPad Pro. The new Apple TV is much faster than the current one, 2x bigger in CPU and 4x in GPU.

To take advantage of the new 4K and HDR features, Apple has entered into partnerships with the main stadiums that are already releasing content with this support. All at the same price as HD. This means that if you purchased HD movies from the iTunes Store, your collection will be updated to 4K automatically, without additional charges. Apple is also working with partners like Netflix and Amazon to support tvOS as soon as possible.

Apple TV TV app on iPhone and iPad

The TV app is currently being expanded to seven more countries in addition to the USA, starting in Canada and Australia this month, Brazil, as you may imagine, is not on the cake. Numerous local services from these countries will also be added to the TV app, including sports broadcast live. There are even notifications of sports games, for the person to start watching with a single touch of the control the sports tab is always updated according to the seasons. Oh, and all of that is also available on the iPad and iPhone TV app.

Apple TV 4K and Siri Remote from the front

AirPlay for photos and videos, music, apps, games everything we already know about Apple TV is still there. The new set-top box da Ma go on pre-sale on September 15th and arrive at stores on September 22nd, for US $ 180 (for 32GB) and US $ 200 (for 64GB). The fourth generation 32GB model continues to sell for $ 150.