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Sonnet Launches ExpressCard / 34 Adapter for Macs with Thunderbolt

Last week Sonnet Technologies launched the Echo ExpressCard / 34 Thunderbolt Adapter, an adapter for Macs with Thunderbolt that allows the use of any type of ExpressCard / 34 card, which certainly opens up many possibilities for these machines.

Sonnet ExpressCard / 34 to Thunderbolt Adapter

It supports Sonnet's ExpressCard-based eSATA adapters, FireWire 800, USB 2.0 and 3.0 adapters, Gigabit Ethernet, SDXC and CompactFlash cards, and more. With the right drivers, any manufacturer can make their ExpressCard / 34 products work with it.

The Echo ExpressCard / 34 Thunderbolt Adapter has a suggested retail price of $ 150 and will hit the market in late October. The high price, but something normal in the first products created for Thunderbolt technology; over time, things should improve.

(via ZDNet)